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Tracing back to Han Dynasty and prevailing in Qing Dynasty, Mountain Pan is famous for natural landscape and places of interests that is a famous scenic spot integrating Buddhism culture and imperial culture.It was well-renowned as a Buddhism realm as ‘Mountain Wutai in the East’ as early as in Tang Dynasty and got its fame both home and abroad as ‘First Mountain in Jingdong’ during the period of Kangxi King in Qing Dynasty that is among the 15 major scenic spots in china. During Qing Dynasty, Qianlong King visited Mountain Pan for 32 times who wrote 1702 poems for it and sighed with emotion as ‘If I knew the existence of Mountain pan,I would not visit South China before’. In 1994, the State Council approved it as the national key scenic spot; in 2007,the State Tourism Bureau evaluated it as among the first batch of national 5A-level tourism scenic regions and in 2011,the National Tourism Bureau rated it as among the 100 top scenic spots in China. Located in the joint zone between Beijing and Tianjin, Mountain pan within the boundary of ji county 60 kilometers east of Beijing when one can reach the scenic spot alongside Beijing Pinggu Expressway and Tianjin-Ji County Expressway. Integrating quite forest, ancient cavity, mysterious peak and gorgeous water, Mountain Pan has opened its five major scenic zones totaling over 300 scenic spots. Three ropeways for passenger transports of Rusheng, Yunsong and Guayue and environmental-protection tour-sighting cars have been open that can ride tourists all the way to the main peak named Guayue Peak. The establishment of comprehensive service region in the front door helps provide a leisure scenic spot for travelers featuring styles of imperial gardens. The famous scenic spot in Mountain pan has been welcoming guests from all around the world for a visit with its beautiful & quite scenery, ancient & charming legend and passionate & civilized services.